Introduction to CQL

Cinchy Query Language (CQL) Overview

Cinchy’s Autonomous Data Fabric platform features an intuitive Drag and Drop Query Builder that allows builders and business users alike to create queries using the Cinchy Query Language (CQL). CQL is an extension of SQL specific to Cinchy’s Autonomous Data Fabric technology.

Power unlimited business outcomes with CQL

Data Fabric technology introduces the new concept of linked data and replaces the concept of inner-joins used in SQL. This new approach allows queries to function in a more efficient manner by removing data duplication. The CQL language is primarily used to retrieve data and metadata from all data in tables across the Fabric. It includes essential functions such as creating tables, inserting and deleting data, and more. Queried data can also be easily pivoted to create charts, graphs, and heatmaps. These visualizations can be saved in Cinchy as Applets that can be viewed and shared with others through the Data Marketplace.
CQL can be used to power a number of business outcomes for users and builders, from retrieving and visualizing data to powering new solutions. All queries that are saved on the Fabric also auto-generate a no-code REST API that can be plugged into new solutions

All data is automatically protected by owner-defined policies

It is important to note that all queries on the Fabric are automatically protected by cellular-level access controls. This guarantees the universal enforcement of owner-defined policies and means that you will only see the data you have the privilege to view in query results.

Data becomes instantly queryable as your Fabric grows

Lastly, as the Fabric grows across the organization, any new data that is added will become instantly queryable in conjunction with existing data. By leveraging the Cinchy Query Language, the impossible has finally become possible. This is all because of Autonomous Data Fabric architecture which allows data to work the way it should.

So, what will you build next?

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