Using Cinchy Meta-Reports
This page describes how to use Cinchy's Meta-Reports function
Once you have installed the Meta-Reports experience, or if you are deployed on Kubernetes, you will see the following tables and queries:
Meta Reports
  • Saved Reports
  • Reports
  • Widgets
  • Styles
  • Get Chart Meta-Data Queries

Style Table

This table is used for setting the visual style of the report. It allows a user to create presets for different report colours, font sizes, background colours, and more.
When entering the table, there are two columns that require specific information:
Definition: Add your chart colours using this format
CSS Styles for Tables: Add your different styles following this format:
{"font-size": "14px", "color": "black", "background":"white"}.

Reports Table

The Reports table is where the finalized report is stored and accessed. This table is where report shells are created, including:
  • Name of your report
  • Style
  • Number of Widgets per Page
  • Group
After this table has been uploaded into your environment, you need to update the Actions column:
  1. 1.
    Click on the Design Table tab
  2. 2.
    Navigate to Columns > Actions column
  3. 3.
    In the CQL Expression box, change the number next to β€˜appId=’ to correspond with the Cinchy ID of the report applet created through this installation.

Widgets Table

The Widgets table is used for configuring the actual report. This includes picking the report type (bar chart, line chart, pie chart etc), picking the report query, and attaching it to a specific report in the report table.

Get Chart Metadata Queries

This query if executed, will return the all the column values from both the widgets and reports table for a specific report.

Saved Reports

This table stores all of your saved reports.