Dynamic Meta-Forms Example (Using Form Designer)
In this example, a Dynamic Form will be created using the Form Designer. The form designer allows users to create new Forms using the Forms experience itself and is an intuitive and easy process. In this example, an Employees form will be created.
First, open up the Form Designer experience from the Cinchy Marketplace. It should look like this:
Then click select existing record at the top and choose any record. After doing so the Create New Record button will show up on the left as shown below:
Now click Create New Record. The 'Form Definition' and 'Form Sections' sections should be empty, looking like this:
The 'Form Definition' section is filled in as shown below, after which the Save button in the top right is clicked. Now, there is basic information describing the form and the table it draws information from.
After doing so, the 'Form Sections' section is opened and the cross on the right is clicked to add a section definition for a new Form Section:
Now, a Section Definition is added called Summary which will have basic information about the Form:
After OK is clicked and the Save button is clicked on the top right of the page, the 'Form Sections' section should look like this:
Now, within the Actions column, if Design is clicked it brings the user to the Form Section Designer page. As can be seen, this page is very similar to the Form Designer page except 'Form Definition' is replaced by 'Section Definition' and 'Form Sections' is replaced by 'Section Fields'. As can be seen, the 'Section Definition' is filled out below:
From here, in the 'Section Fields' is opened and the plus button is clicked to add a (non-child) Field:
A table column is chosen now, specifically the First Name of an employee within this example:
After doing so, it looks like this:
Now, if we go to the Forms table, navigate to this new Form and click Open, it looks like this:
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