Deploy Meta-Forms App Experience
Setup IIS and Configure Angular Package
This section will walk through setting up Meta-Forms App Experience through Internet Information Services (IIS) connection Manager in the target Cinchy environment. If you are interested in exploring the Angular source code for this App Experience, please click here.
Host Applet on IIS
1. At the root, create a ‘Cinchy Applets’ folder if it does not exist (eg. C:/Cinchy Applets) and place the applet code here.
2. If you have multiple instances, then create a folder that corresponds to the name of your Cinchy instance (eg. C:/CinchyApplets/DXdemo) and place the extracted folder here.
3. Locate and open the IIS Manager.
4. Navigate to IIS manager and expand the IIS Connections.
5. Right Click the Cinchy Server name.
6. Expand Sites, “Default Web Site” should be visible.
7. Navigate to the site containing your Cinchy application and select “Add Virtual Directory”.
8. Name the Alias of this directory “dx”.
9. Input the path to Cinchy Applets directory in the Physical Path field.
10. Right click on the meta-forms folder under the dx virtual directory and click Convert to Application.
Update Configurations
1. Locate "\assets\config.json" and input your Cinchy domain as specified below.
Optional Changes
If you have not deployed Cinchy at the root of your domain on IIS, then you will need to also complete the steps below.
2. (Optional) Specify the path to your 'meta-forms' application as instructed below.
3. (Optional) Locate the "C:\CinchyApplets\<Cinchy Environment>\Meta-Forms-App-Experience\index.html" file and update the base href to the path to your edit-form application on IIS and save.
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