Deploy Meta-Forms Data Experience
Install Meta-Forms Experience
Once the app experience setup is complete, the data experience needs to be installed, which will set up the data model in your target environment to support the Meta-Forms App Experience and enable its usage. If you are interested in exploring the data model source code, please click here.
Before installing the Meta-Form Data package, please ensure that you have Cinchy CLI setup on your environment:
If you wish to explore how the data experience package was created, please feel free to review the below:
Install Meta-forms Data Experience
1. Navigate to your extracted 'meta-forms data experience' folder and you should see the following:
2. Navigate and open "\post-install\post-install-1.sql" and replace the value on line 3 with the URL of you Cinchy domain (i.e. https://<Cinchy Domain>) and save.
3. Next open PowerShell in administrator mode. To do that, go to the top left corner of the file explorer window and click the β€˜file’ button. In the file menu there should be an option to access PowerShell. Hover over the PowerShell option and click administrator mode.
4. After PowerShell is loaded, enter the command: ".\CinchyDXD install", and you will be presented with the information below:
The table shown below are the values required for installing the forms data experience package.
Required Command
-s, --Cinchy Server
Required. The full path to the Cinchy server without the protocol (e.g.
-u, --Username
Required. The user id for accessing Cinchy.
-p, --Password
Required. The clear text password (unencrypted) of the specified user.
-c, --CinchyCLI Directory
Required. The path to the Cinchy CLI.
-d, --CinchyCLI Temp Directory
Required. The path to the directory that the CLI can use for storing temporary files to support the sync (e.g. partitioned data).
Note: there is a temp folder created in the Cinchy Meta Forms folder (a couple pictures above)
-ps, --Post Install Scripts
Required. The path to a directory with one or more CQL scripts to be executed once the install is complete.
-h, --https
Flag indicating connections to Cinchy should be over https.
5. Once the command is populated with environment specific parameters, run the command: .\CinchyDXD install -s β€œ<Cinchy Server>” -u β€œ<Username>” -p β€œ<Password>” -c β€œ<Cinchy CLI Directory>β€œ -d β€œ<Cinchy CLI Temp Directory>β€œ -h -ps "<Path to Meta-Form-Data-Experience>\post-install"
6. After the command is finished running, log into the Cinchy environment that meta-forms has been installed into and verify that the following tables and queries are there.
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