Installation, Setup and Configuration


Prior to the installation, setup, and execution of Meta-Forms in Cinchy, the Cinchy CLI package needs to be set up on your environment. The CLI package contains the engine with which all the components of a Data Experience package (e.g., tables, queries, views, formatting rules, etc) can be installed on another Cinchy environment.
Please complete the following, only if the Cinchy CLI package is not set up on your Cinchy environment.
To get access to the Cinchy CLI package:
1. Log onto using assigned credentials
Note: If unable to login to the above site, please contact Cinchy support ([email protected])
2. From the My Network page, search for the Versions table
Tip: Bookmark this table for quick and easy access for future needs
3. Open the Versions table
4. Select the โ€˜Distributed Workerโ€™ View (left navigation)
5. Locate and download the most recent version of the CLI package
6. Once downloaded, extract the zip file and place the CLI folder into any drive (suggestion: place the CLI folder into the C: drive as the folder path will be used in future steps)
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